“Love you Dear”, a message from my husband when he was surprised with a lunch box on his business trip. He doesn’t like outside food, so I requested my cousin living there to arrange food to his office and later thanked her with a gift.

Next time instead of asking a favor, I thought of motivating my cousin to turn cooking as her money-making hobby and explained the difficulties in finding quality food where the signboards claims its pure Homemade, but in reality it’s maid-made. Finally she started providing homefood to bachelors staying in her society.

Once my neighbor, a homemaker with 2 children shared her financial hitches with me; as an act of kindness, I gave an idea to start making home foods and supported her in sales & promotions. The demand went up rapidly with a word spread.

Very soon I’m into making homefoods. I never thought it would develop into anything. I fell in love immediately with motivating many other passionate homemakers, someone who loves cooking or worries with loneliness or facing financial issues. Slowly began focusing on procedures in listing homechefs & guiding them in maintaining quality, hygiene & packaging. Big leap is starting own delivery network so they can focus only on quality & taste.

This all coincided with the rise of the social media, which has allowed me to share my business & enriched user interaction. Finding quality homefood nearby & making-money by cooking are no more puzzles.

Myself Lepakshi N (36) a mother, artist, homechef and now transforming homemakers into homefood-makers with “HOMMY”.

Looking for financial support in developing mobile App & Back-office software for further expansion; any help is beyond appreciation.

-Lepakshi Nallapareddy