Earn Money by cooking Hygienic Homemade Food

All investment you need is your love for cooking


We believe “There are many hidden gems, who are born chefs surrendering lives to 4 walls of their family kitchen, earning handful of comments.”
We missioned to serve as a platform for passionate homechefs to Earn Money by cooking Hygienic Homemade Food from their kitchen and sell them online for food lovers.

If you are one of them or cooking is your passion and you have a good kitchen in your home, just let us know about yourself & the best food you make. That’s all! Start earning in no time.

We’ll train you regarding hygienic practices & necessary guidance to maintain quality.
We take care of order management & source delivery services.


Ro Water For Cooking
Hygienic Cooking Place
Food Grade Packaging
Separate Utensils For Veg & Non-Veg


No Preservatives
No Artificial Colors
No Refrigerating
No Reusing Of Oils

What is “Homemaker to Homefood maker” Program?

It’s a hommy.in initiative, which transforms Homemakers into entrepreneurs by enabling them to list and sell their signature dishes on Hommy.in


How does selling on Hommy.in work?

Selling on Hommy.in is easy. First you list your all time best dishes on Hommy.in. Customers go through your menu and place an order. You will receive a notification of order. You prepare the item and keep it ready for dispatch within preparation time. Hommy.in deliver the order for you through BYKLO. Hommy will deposit the funds into your bank account after deducting our fees.

Who can sell on Hommy.in?

Anyone loves cooking and have a good kitchen at home is welcome.

What is the registration process?

Registration is simple. All you need to do is fill the form; Hommy team will get in touch with you.

Will I get charged for listing items on hommy.in?

No. Listing of items on hommy.in is absolutely free. Hommy does not charge anything for listing your menu online. You only pay a commission of 12% for what you sell.

Is there any timing?

NO, it’s all up to your convenience. We know your world, understood your priorities.

There will be option of OPEN / CLOSE of Kitchen, by default it will be close, you just tap on the open button and start taking orders. Whenever you are not sure you can take orders just tap on the close button. It’s that simple!


Do I need to deliver my order to Customer?

No, Hommy will handle delivery of your orders. All you need to do is pack the item and keep it ready for dispatch within time. Our logistics partner, BYKLO will pick up the item from you and deliver it to the customer.

What are Delivery Charges by BYKLO?

BYKLO charges: Base Fare INR 30.00 up-to 3 kms, after that INR 9.00 per km.

What is maximum delivery distance?

In general it is within 5 km Radius, Exceptional in some cases where the order value is high.

Who will pay for delivery?

We suggest you to bear the delivery charges; you may also collect from customer.


Who decides the price of the items?

We do not influence prices! As a seller, you will set the price of your items.

How do I price my items?

Prices on menu should be all-inclusive, please account for the applicable Hommy Fee and include a suitable margin depending on the complexity and service. We would also advise you to consider the hours spent planning, shopping, preparing the meal, as well as cleaning up afterwards.


How and when do I get paid?

Hommy will disburse payments to your bank account once a week. You will get a detailed statement of orders.

One of my orders is missed in statement and not gets paid for that?

Please write to us at payments@hommy.in with all the details.


What happens if order gets cancelled while preparing it?

It’s simple (save your delivery charges:)), you will get paid 100% of order value. Please donate the food to poor on the customer name instead of wasting it.

Is there way to cancel/ modifying order?

No, as we believe, customers at Hommy are real food lovers and strive to taste the best and can’t let them down. Once you are OPEN, you forms an agreement with user to provide the items as described in the order details.

What happens if i cancel the order?

You will be charged 100% of the order value and the same will gifted to the customer as coupon in the form of apologies. We appeal to not to OPEN kitchen when you are not ready to take order. Once you are OPEN, you forms an agreement with user to provide the items as described in the order details.


My question is not on this list. Can you help?

Please write to us at support@hommy.in with all the details.

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